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System of Education

   In the XXI century Belarus already had a developed educational system. According to the level of literacy among adults and youth, the rate showing the number of children in primary and secondary schools, the number of students in higher education, our country is at the level of developed countries in Europe and America. One out of three people is in the process of learning.

    According to the Human Development Report, prepared by independent international experts of the UN Development Program, Belarus is ahead of all CIS countries in terms of adult literacy (99.6%), and also has one of the world's highest literacy rate among youth (99,8% ).

    At the same time entering a postindustrial, informational society, sets the complex problems of transformation of the national economy before the state and society, so that continuous improvement of education is needed.
    Taking in the consideration the situation in the educational sector in Belarus, where the literacy rate is one of the highest in the world, discrimination is completely absent, stable funding, the major changes designed to develop the guiding principles of Belarusian schools, where first of all public nature of management should be mentioned, ensuring the principles of fairness, equal access to education, improving the quality of education for everyone.

  These changes are also explained due to the desire to maintain a high level of quality education, traditionally inherent in the Belarusian school, at the period of the transition to mass higher education (the number of students in higher education has reached 407 people per 10,000 population, and in view of students in specialized secondary schools - more than 500 people for 10000 population).
    In this regard, the key to the republic has been a switch to a twelve-year general secondary education, the ten-year compulsory basic education, a five-day school week.

    Development of functional literacy among students of vocational, special secondary and higher education, rehabilitation through education, including vocational, persons with special needs are also prior.
    In the Program of socio-economic development of Belarus for 2006-2010 is stated that education should be the basis of all reforms undertaken in our country, since education, in the end - the foundation which will help build strong and prosperous Belarus. 
    These principles laid down in the Strategy and Sustainable Development Program of the Republic of Belarus for the period until 2020.

    The main directions of state policy in education have found consolidation in the acts of legislation, development of which has been intensified in recent years. Since 2002, a number of laws such as "On Education", "On the Vocational and Technical Education, the Education of persons with special needs (special education)," "On General Secondary Education". House of Representatives National Assembly of Belarus adopted a bill on higher education on second reading. 
    Basic principles of state policy in the sphere of Education formulated the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Education" dated March,19 2002 are aimed at improvement of the quality of education that meets the needs of the individuals, society and the state to provide social justice in education at all levels.

    The national system of education and training guarantees every citizen the right to get education, which provides:

  • development of a network of educational institutions of all forms of ownership, various forms of training and education, creation of conditions for general and vocational education according to national traditions, personal needs and abilities of students;
  • access to free education in state educational institutions of general and initial vocational (vocational) education;
  • free on a competitive basis, vocational (specialized secondary), tertiary, post-graduate education in public institutions, regardless of the form of obtaining this level of education for the first time within the state education standards;
  • continuing education and continuity of its various stages;
  • partial or full cost of maintaining people in need of social assistance during their training;

    In accordance with Article 14 of the Law "On Education in the Republic of Belarus" all public and private educational institutions in the territory of the Republic belong to the national educational system of the Republic of Belarus, which includes:

  • Preschool Education
  • General secondary education
  • Non-school forms of education
  • Vocational education
  • Secondary vocational education
  • Higher education
  • Training of scientific and pedagogical staff
  • Advanced training and retraining
  • Self-education of citizens

    In 2006 the program of the national educational system in 2006-2010., including the activities which are aimed at improving the quality of all levels of education, from preschool to the level of training and retraining.
    The State Program of development of vocational training in 2006-2010.is also adopted, as well as the State Program of development of secondary education in 2006-2010. Careful attention is paid to updating the material and technical base of the education system: in the country realized the event the State Investment Program, Program overhaul of buildings of educational institutions subject to government education authorities.

    In order to equip all educational institutions with modern communication facilities state program "Informatization of Integrated Education of the Republic of Belarus for years 2007 - 2010 has been designed. 

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