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On the way to Olympic Games

 Summer Olympic Games 2016 will take place from August 5th to August 21st 2016, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). This will become the first Games held in South America and the second in Latin America (Olympic Games in Mexico, 1968). For the first time since the year 2000 the Games will be staged in the southern hemisphere of our planet. As the organizers have decided some competitions of the Olympics will be also staged in Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Manaus, Salvador and São Paulo.

   The bidding process for the event organization has started since May 2007. The wish to host the Games was expressed by Baku (Azerbaijan), Quatar, Madrid (Spain), Prague (Czech Republic), Tokio (Japan), Chicago (the USA) and Saint Petersburg (Russia). By the way, Saint Petersburg delayed its intention to participate in the bidding contest as it was granted the right to arrange the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. In 2008 there were four cities winning to host the event: Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Tokio and Chicago. The final voting was held on 2nd October, 2009 at the 121 International Olympic Committee Session in Copenhagen (Denmark). On the results of three tours of voting Rio de Janeiro was awarded the right to host the Summer Olympic Games 2016.
   Belarusian sportsmen are actively involved in competitive bidding for the participation in the 31st Summer Olympic Games. Many of them are students, others have just graduated from the universities. 
   Sportsmen listed below have already obtained license for Rio:
   Students of the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture:
  • Vitaliy Bubnovich (shooting sport);
  • Yuriy Scherbatsevich (shooting sport, small-bore rifle);
  • Tatsiana Drozdovskakya (sailing sport, Laser Radial);
  • Victorya Chaika (air pistol);
  • Ilya Chergeiko (shooting);
  • Artem Kozyr (canoe sprint).
   Students of the Belarusian State Economic University:
  • Aleksandra Gerasimenya (swimming);
  • Aleksandr Bagdanovich (canoe sprint);
  • Andrey Bagdanovich(canoe sprint).
   Student of the Belarusian State University
  • Evgeny Tsurkin (swimming).
   Students of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University:
  • Pavel Sankovich (swimming).
   Students of Mozyr State Pedagogical University:
  • Oleg Yurenya (canoe sprint);
  • Pavel Medvedev (canoe sprint);
  • Andrey Tsarikovich (canoe sprint);
  • Olga Hudenko (canoe sprint);
  • Roman Petrushenko (canoe sprint);
  • Margarita Mahneva (canoe sprint).
   Students of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus:
  • Vitaly Belko (canoe sprint).
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