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The General Assembly of the International University Sports Federation

     In the period from 7th to 8th of November 2015 the General Assembly of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) was held in Lausanne (Swiss Confederation), which was attended by the representatives from 128 countries.

The Belarusian side was represented by Maria Sorotnik, the Head of the Department for Social, Educational and Ideological Affairs at the Education Ministry and Alesya Kudina, methodist of the International Sports Activities Department of the Republican Center of Physical Education and Sport for Pupils and Students.
   On the first day Claude-Louis Gallien, the President of the International University Sports Federation made a report, in which he marked significance and special role of FISU and its activities in present-day realities. He specified that in the context of economic and moral crisis which has developed over the years in the world in general – and in the world of sport in particular – has significally complicated FISU’s work; it has also made it even more essential. Clean sport is in danger. The world of sport is more and more looking like a “shark tank”. As Claude-Louis Gallien stated, FISU is a strong and independent international multisport federation focused on youth in general and students in particular. The 34th General Assembly shall give a new impetus to develop its projects and actions, and “rush beyond the tank”.
   FISU’s approach and philosophy concerning its “dual project” of sport and education have always focused on the “monal concept” of full integration of knowledge, understanding and practice of “clean sport” into university curricular programmes. 
   Mr Gallien also underlined that the letter “U” of FISU represents University, Unity and University. It legitimates the University Sport Federation and distinguishes it from others within the International Sport Movement. He also notified that on Aprile 20, 2015 the 196th session of UNESCO Executive Board recommended the adoption of the “International Day of University Sport” by the 38th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO scheduled on November 3 to 18, 2015. The International Day of University Sport should be celebrated annually around the date of September 20.
   And, summing up, he said: “Time has come to relight the stars, the five “continental stars” of the FISU community. Community solidarity and long-term strategy; clean sport, comprehensive education, fair and inclusive society….The future belongs to us!”
   Once the report of the President of FISU was heard, the Executive Committee and members of the General Assembly welcomed the International Olympic Committee President, Thomas Bach, who thanked Claude-Louis Galena for the close cooperation and mutual support. He also wished good luck to the candidates in the elections, and to the delegates of the participating countries he advised to make the right choice.
   Then FISU Secretary General Eric Saintrond presented his report. He noted with satisfaction that the period between the Universiade in Kazan and the Universiade in Gwangju was a very successful period for FISU. Kazan hosted the most successful Games in the history of FISU with the total of 27 sports, and the Opening Ceremony was considered as the most impressive one, even if compared with to the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. 
   Mr Saintrond said that during the years 2013-2014 the structure of FISU in Lousanne was significally reinforced. Thus, more people were moved to the new headquarters and all services were guaranteed to the organizers of Summer Universiades, Winter Universidies and World University Championships. The World University Championships programme is growing year after a year, and therefore it is planned to stage Championships in 34 sports. 

According to the view of the FISU General Secretary the success of FISU federation and university sports can be achieved on conditions of a very strong cooperation and unity between Continental University Sports Federations, National University Sports Federations, FISU family members and its staff.
   Moreover Mr Saintrond told about the World University Championships 2014, World Summer and Winter Universiades of the year 2015, strengths and weaknesses regarding the organization and staging of these events. In these regard he thanked the host countries of the World Winter Universiades in 2017 and 2019 and World Summer Universiade in 2017 for the interest in staging FISU events.
   Eric Saintrond presented the approximate 4-years schedule of FISU events and pointed to the strict position of FISU regarding the bidding procedure for helding sports events due to the fact, that Brazil rejected its wish to host the World Summer Universiade in 2019.
   FISU Treasurer Danzandorj Bayasgalan also reported about the FISU budget performance of the financial years 2013-2014. 
   The Meeting of the General Assembly was reheld after a break. In discussion wproposals for amendments and adjustments to the FISU Statutes and Internal Regulations were submitted for consideration. The decisions were made upon the consent of 2/3 of the total votes. And as a result the position of the Internal Auditor was dismissed.
   Applications from new countries (Afghanistan, Aruba, The Gambia, Curaçao) to become members of the International University Sports Federation were taken into consideration. Current members of the FISU endorsed the candidacy of the countries mentioned above, except for Curaçao. In connection with the situation that is emerging in the country, as well as the fact that the official request from Curaçao has not been submitted, the Secretary-General Eric Saintrond proposed to postpone the entry of this country into the FISU.
   Further the members of the Executive Committee of the years 2011-2015 were relieved of their duties. The General Secretary of
   FISU Secretary General considered on the agenda the issue of the membership fee and its size. After long discussions, the members of the General Assembly made a decision yet.
   The first day of the General Assembly, once again made the FISU Treasurer of Danzandorj Bayasgalan, he made a proposal to approve the budget for the years 2016-2017.

Danzandorzh Bayasgalan - treasurer of FISU
    That evening an excursion to the Olympic Museum was organized for the participants of the General Assembly.
   On the 8th November elections of the President and members of the Executive Committee of FISU were held. 
   Two candidatures of Claude-Louis Gallien (France) and Oleg Matytsin (Russian Federation ) were nominated for the post of the President of the International University Sports Federation. The Russian candidate got a landslide victory with 102 votes. Claude-Louis Gallien scored 23 votes.
   For the post of the 1st FISU Vice-President claimed Leonz Eder (Switzerland) and Stefan Bergh (Sweden). The Swiss pretender Leonz Eder was elected for this position receiving 90 votes.
   FISU Vice-Presidents were elected: Liguo Yang (China), Luciano Cabral (Brazil), Marian Dymalski (Poland), Leopold Senghor (Senegal).
   The post of Treasurer claimed current Treasurer – Danzandorzh Bayasgalan (Mongolia). After the vote, he remained at his post.
   Verena Burk (Germany) was elected the 1st Assessor.
   The position of Assessor was given to representatives from 15 countries, elected by the results of the three rounds of voting.
   After the voting procedure the newly elected Executive Committee had the photo shoot. And at the end of meeting Oleg Matytsin delivered a speech in which he thanked everyone for their participation in the FISU General Assembly.
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