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Secondary Education

Decision of the Ministry of Education on February 26, 2008 № 16 "On approving the list of courses, training equipment for educational institutions and special educational institutions" Download in PDF

Ministry of Education Republic of Belarus № 01 dated 05.01.1998 "On approval of standard lists of sports and sporting goods and equipment to kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, schools, colleges, vocational and specialized secondary educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus" Download in PDF 


    On 01.01.2009 3,749 educational institutions full-time education of state ownership (at 97 institutions less than last year) operated in the country.3744 of them are subordinate to the Ministry of Education. In addition, at the beginning of the school year in the republic and the 10-day educational institutions of private ownership.
    Entire system of the Ministry of Education includes:

  • 224 primary schools (including nursery schools - 143)
  • 650 basic schools (including nursery schools - 234)
  • 2,509 secondary schools (including nursery schools - 565)
  • 195 schools
  • 33 high schools
  • 6 training and educational complexes secondary school (gymnasium) - College
  • 36 secondary boarding schools
  • 19 sanatorium boarding schools

    In comparison with last school year the number of full-time educational institutions (including boarding schools, but support and special schools and boarding schools), Ministry of Education has decreased by 95 (2,5%). The number of primary schools decreased by 41 (15,5%), base - 20 (2,85%), medium - 43 (1,7%). Number of schools increased by 12 (6.5%).
    In secondary schools enrolled 1,058,199 people, of who:

  • 11,593 students in primary schools
  • 39,724 students of basic schools and boarding schools
  • 863,923 students in secondary schools and boarding schools
  • 131,266 students of grammar schools and high schools, boarding
  • 8794 high school pupils
  • 2,899 pupils of school-level education learning and teaching complexes secondary school (gymnasium) - College

    In comparison with last school year, enrollment dropped by 47,186 individuals or 4.3%.
    In the 75 educational institutions specialized sports classes (71 - urban areas, 6 - rural areas) are opened and functioning, with an enrollment of 3,288 students.
    In the 2008-2009 academic year, the number of children referred to health care for the special group was 51,717 people. (4,9% of the total number of students).

    Physical Culture and Sports

    In addressing the health of students by means of physical culture and sport are particularly important conditions created for the organization of physical education. In the 2008/2009 academic year for the organization of educational process in physical education, extracurricular, of circle, sectional, physical culture and sports-media work with students in educational institutions of the country, were 16 stadiums, 1161 sports nuclei, 3322 gymnasiums, 841 sport shooting range, 2409 volleyball, 1982 basketball, 1548 mini-football pitches, 830 football fields, 89 fields for throwing, 107 swimming pools, 1249 adapted facilities for physical culture and sports. Thanks to the fact that local executive committee adopted effective measures to strengthen and improve the material and sport base of educational institutions in the academic year 2008/2009 there was an increase in the number of athletic and sports facilities and educational institutions was 14402 (2007/2008 academic year - 14,379), including:

  • swimming pools has increased by 7 (2007/2008 academic year - 100, 2008/2009 academic year - 107)
  • planar sports facilities - at 28 (2007/2008 uch.g - 7601, 2008/2009 uch.g - 7629)
  • adapted facilities for physical culture and sport - to 41 (2007/2008 uch.g - 1208, 2008/2009 uch.g - 1249)

    The actual implementation of standards of social standards to ensure students' general educational institutions of the country area of sports planar structures (1.62 m²) and building sport (0.5 meters) per student exceeds the standard of 01.09.2008, and is accordingly 16.55 square meters and 1.1 meters

    In accordance with standard specifications average availability of educational institutions sports gear and equipment was 53.4% (in 2007/2008 academic year this figure was 50,3%). The best indicators in the country to supply sports equipment and facilities in educational institutions of Minsk City (75.1%), Grodno oblast (62.8%). Below the average republican indicator of the percentage of availability of sports facilities and equipment of educational establishments of the Vitebsk, Gomel, Minsk and Mogilev regions (respectively 43,8%, 47,8%, 41,8% and 51,3%).

    In order to improve physical education in the current academic year, measures are taken to ensure the physical culture of the education system by qualified personnel. Of the 7,450 teachers of physical culture (in the 2007/2008 academic year - 8,237 students) 7,082 attendees. (95,1%) have physical education, including special secondary - 889 (12,6%) and higher physical education - 6193 (87,4%) people (in the 2007/2008 academic year were physical education 7676 (93, 2%), teachers of physical culture of the total, including secondary vocational education - 1025 (13,4%), higher physical education - 6651 (86,6%) of specialists).
To improve the physical culture and sports and mass work with students as part of the State Program of development of physical culture and sports in the Republic of Belarus for 2007-2010 practical measures are adopted in order to improve the educational and methodical complex for physical education students.

    Also the concept of the subject "Physical Education and Health Development” was adopted. It was developed and approved by the educational standards of secondary education on subjects' physical culture and health. In 2009, the new curriculum on the subject of "Physical Culture and Health" for students I-IV, V-XI grades was revised and approved.
    In order to increase motivation for physical culture and sports, as well as the orientation of students to choose teaching profession related to physical culture and sport, quality control requirements of the students curriculum in educational institutions of the country carried out an examination on the choice of academic subject "Physical Education and Health. Each year, about 3% of graduates are choosing and successfully passing the exam on the academic subject.

    One of the priorities of each general education institution in the new school year, retained health and fitness, sports and mass work with students. Number of students involved in sports clubs and sections on the basis of educational institutions in 2008 amounted to 520,011 persons in 2007 there were 504,889. During the 2008/2009 academic year in secondary schools opened 14 new clubs in sport interests, they became 361.

    In the period from 4 to 5 March 2009 in Minsk the first republican competition "The Olympic hopes of Belarus in the winter all-around" Health of the State sports and fitness complex in the Republic of Belarus to students of urban and rural educational institutions was held. In the first stage in this competition participated 705 099 students in the second - 222 117, on the third - 3118. In the final national competitions competed 182 participants from 13 educational institutions in the country (98 - students of urban educational institutions, 84 - students of rural secondary institutions). In Republican contests on the summer all-around "Health", held May 22-25 in Molodechno, attended by teams of all regions and Minsk. Participants of the first stage, there were 669,084, the second phase - 220 684, the third - in 2894, fourth - 182.

    During the school year in all educational institutions on the second Saturday of the month Days of Health are held. On September 1, 2008 list of fitness and sports events increased by carrying out "a lesson of football (" soccer hour "), which is a comprehensive sports and sporting events aimed at promoting soccer as the most massive of team sports. Carrying out "a lesson of football (" soccer hour) in extra-curricular and extracurricular physical culture and sports-media work involves creating in every educational establishment circles and sports clubs for football, to attract students to the practical training in them, competitions in soccer year-round program of sports and athletics meetings of the educational establishment, monthly health days and sports, fitness holidays.

   In order to promote sports and sports activities among the pre-conscription and conscription of young people spartakiad is organized in the winter and summer sports. The final competitions of the winter Olympics, held in Novopolotsk, was attended by teams of regions and in Minsk with a total of 84 participants. In Grodno, from 21 to 24 May 2009 were all-around competitions in summer sports and crafts and sports complex "Defender of the Fatherland, in the finals of which competed with 98 students.
Work continues on promoting physical culture and sports among schoolchildren. For this purpose, together with the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, Republic of Belarus in 2008-2009 academic year, held Republican contests on mobile games in the TV "Captains Cove”, where 34 teams of urban and rural educational institutions in the country took part.


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