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Vocational Education


    In the 2009/2010 academic year in the Republic of Belarus 223 (in 2008 - 224) of institutions providing vocational education (hereinafter - VEI) operated, including in the Ministry of Education - 221 (in 2008 - 222). 
   Of the total number of institutions:  

  • vocational and technical colleges - 84 (in 2008 - 63) 
  • vocational schools - 105 (in 2008 - 96) 
  • vocational schools - 54 (in 2008 - 65), 14 of them (in 2008 - 15) vocational and technical schools located on the territory  of correctional institutions of the Ministry of the Interior, and 3 (in 2008 - 2) special vocational-technical schools closed   In addition, training at the level of vocational education is carried out in 9 educational institutions, other levels (in 2008 - 9). 

    Total number of students at vocational formation ¬ formation in 2009 the republic amounted to 105.7 thousand (in 2008 - 99,0 thousand), of which UPTO of the Ministry of Education - 104.5 thousand people (in 2008 - 97.8 thousand). 
    Educational process in VEI provided 12.9 million (in 2008 - 12,5 thousand) thousand guiding and teaching staff. 

    2217 (in 2008 - 2138) of persons with special needs study in VEI, of which 554 (in 2008 - 543), the disabled, 5.5 million (in 2008 - 4849), orphans and students who left without parental care, 10.2 million (in 2008 - 10,2 thousand) students who resided at the time of receipt of the territories contaminated with radionuclides. 
     In order to further the development of vocational education work of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus is aimed at achieving the following objectives: 

  • organization of cooperation with regional executive committees, Minsk City Executive Committee and other bodies of state administration to establish a system of forecasting demand in the labor force for the formation for the training of workers in the education system for 2011-2015 
  • the structure and volume of training of workers (employees) taking into account ¬ that increasing the number of graduates of educational institutions and in accordance with the needs of the economy and social sphere in the young skilled workers 
  • strengthening and base organizations on the basis of contracts on their interactions in preparation workers (employees) 
  • increase the prestige of learning in VEI, targeted training and reduction of fees for students valid reason 

   These tasks were performed in accordance with the plan for 2009 to implement the State Program of the Development of vocational education for 2006-2010 and a set of measures for the further development of vocational and specialized secondary education. Adopted normative legal acts aimed at perfection system for planning and forecasting of training, enhancing the prestige of learning in VEI, strengthening ties with VEI production, improvement of salaries of teaching staff.

     Taking into account the needs of the economy and social sphere in 2009, produced 48.9 thousand workers (110.6% of forecast demand), including for the industry - 15,500 people, agriculture - 7,3 thousand people, building - 11,7 thousand people, the service sector - 11.1 thousand people, other industries - 3,3 thousand people. In addition, UPTO trained in vocational training programs, retraining and 26.5 thousand people. 

   Continue to improve training, retraining and guidance of teachers, as well as providing training teachers of special subjects and industrial training in organizations. The best results in the organization of training have Minsk, Grodno and Brest regions, to provide internships - Brest and Mogilev, Minsk. In addition, the strengthening of material-technical base of VEI in 2009 from the republican and local budgets spent about 5 billion rubles. Machinery and equipment purchased as extra-budgetary funds and customer organizations staff. 

    Admission for the contracts and orders with the contracting staff was 94.2% (2008 - 94,2%), confirming the targeted training of workers (including VEI Minsk - 99,0%, Minsk region - 97 3%, Grodno - 96.4%). 
    In 2010, the system of vocational education continues to improve in the following areas:  

  • achieving full compliance with structure and volume of training young professionals to the needs of organizations in specific industries and regions 
  • replacement of machinery and equipment used for industrial training in educational institutions, non-conforming and have a substantial deterioration 
  • further integration in the content of training, the average spe ¬ tial and vocational education to reduce the period of training, introducing new educational programs for work ¬ sneeze with secondary special education 
  • development and publication of national educational literature on the massive field of vocational education 
  • increase in training programs for professional training, retraining and advanced training in trades in individual regions 

    Physical Culture and Sports 

    01.01.2010 VEI has 1030 sports facility (on 01.01.2008 - 1032). 
Among them: the stadiums - 5 (01.01.2008 - 5), gyms - 223 (01.01.2008 - 229), rooms adapted for physical culture and sport - 175 (01.01.2008 - 172), sports nuclei - 50 (01.01.2008 - 48), skiing centers - 13 (01.01.2008 - 15), shooting ranges - 77 (01.01.2007 - 81), planar structures - 485 (01.01.2007 - 479), swimming pools - 4 (01.01.2009 - 2). 
    Total number of full-time teachers of Physical Education - 458 attendees. Among them: 

  • 413 attendees. - Have a college physical education 
  • 22 people. - Have special secondary physical education 
  • 23 people. - Have no special physical education 

    In the 2009/2010 academic year Physical Education providing vocational education and training carried out following missions in accordance with training programs: 

  • for groups of students a new set, as well as continuing education on the basis of general basic education - Training programs for educational institutions. X-XI classes. Physical education and health. Minsk, 2009. 
  • for groups of students, continuing education on the basis of general basic education - Training programs for educational institutions. X-XI classes. Physical education and health. Minsk, 2008. 
  • for groups of students on the basis of general secondary education - Physical education. Model curriculum for the institutions providing vocational and specialized secondary education (for students on the basis of general secondary education). Minsk, 2007. 

    In the institutions providing vocational education dating 01.09.2009, sports equipment and security equipment is 55,6% (in 2008 - 52,8%). Best provided sports equipment and facilities VEI Grodno (68,6%) and Minsk (67,3%) regions, as well as Minsk (65,5%). Enough to provide sports facilities and equipment VEI Brest (42,2%), Vitebsk (43,8%) and Gomel (48,6%) regions. 

    In order to organize sports and sports activities with students studying in institutions of vocational education and training, enhancing sports and recreation activities in the VEI, promoting healthy lifestyle among students Republican Olympics of students of institutions of vocational education – 2009 was held. 

    Program of Republican Games included competitions in mini-football, cross country track and field, volleyball, as well as the competition "The Olympic hopes of Belarus for winter and summer all-around" Health of the State sports and fitness complex in the Republic of Belarus. 

    343 students from all regions of the Republic of Belarus participated in the finals of Republican Games. 
    The winner of the Republican Student Games institutions of vocational education with a score of 68 points was the Grodno region (2008 - III place). Second place with 62 points won the Mogilev region (in 2008 - I place). Third place with 48 points won, Minsk (2008 - II place). The following places as follows: 4 th place - Minsk Region (43 points), 5 th - Brest Region (42 points), 6 th - Gomel region (41 points), 7 th - Vitebsk Region ( 32 points). 

    On subjects 'physical culture' is finalization of the content of a model curriculum for the institutions providing vocational and specialized secondary education, the introduction of which into the educational process is planned for the beginning of 2010/2011 academic year.

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